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Many credit card companies provide credit cards for expats in Thailand. Some of them have more strict salary requirements and some require longer work history.

Common requirements for foreign credit card applications in Thailand:

  • Certificate of residency from immigration
  • Work permit
  • At least 6 months employment with pay slips
  • Salary requirement varies by credit card company

The following credit card companies are well known to be issuing credit cards for expats in Thailand:

  • SCB
  • Kasikorn
  • Krungsri
  • UOB / Citibank
  • American Express

Bangkok Bank is popular as savings account for foreigners, but currently they don’t approve any unsecured credit cards for foreigners. However, they do provide secured credit cards, meaning you will need to open a fixed deposit account and use that account as collateral for your credit card.

Some other banks and credit card companies may also approve foreigner’s credit card application, let us know if you have first-hand experience!

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Credit Cards for Expats in Thailand