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In the dynamic real estate landscape of the Bangkok, Thailand, comprehending land size measurements in Thailand is pivotal for making well-informed property decisions. Whitebird Estate is here to guide you through the details of these measurements, specifically the traditional Thai units of Wah and Rai, ensuring that you navigate the market with confidence.

The Significance of Wah:

  • Wah (1 Wah = 4 Square Meters): In the context of residential properties, land size is often quantified in Wah. This unit is ideal for measuring smaller plots commonly associated with houses in urban and suburban areas. One Wah equals four square meters, providing a practical reference point for urban land transactions.


  • A land parcel of 50 Wah is equivalent to 200 square meters.

The Scale of Rai for Agricultural Land:

  • Rai (1 Rai = 1,600 Square Meters): For larger plots, particularly agricultural land, Rai is the standard unit. With one Rai equivalent to 1,600 square meters, this unit becomes crucial for evaluating more extensive estates, providing a comprehensive measure for larger land transactions.


  • A farming land of 2 Rai is approximately 3,200 square meters.

Converting and Comparing Wah and Rai:

  • Conversion to Square Meters: To facilitate international comparisons, it’s essential to convert Wah and Rai into square meters. One Wah equates to four square meters, and one Rai equals 1,600 square meters.


  • A land parcel of 30 Wah is approximately 120 square meters.

Small land vs. big land – Wah and Rai:

Understanding these traditional Thai measurements allows you to gauge the size and potential of a property accurately. Whether you’re considering a compact urban plot or a larger piece of land for agricultural purposes, comprehending Wah and Rai ensures that you can make informed decisions aligned with your real estate goals. Wikipedia has great article about Thai units of measurement.

Whitebird Estate is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the real estate related matters in Thailand. For further assistance or inquiries about specific properties, reach out to our expert team. Your vision of the perfect property starts with understanding these traditional measurements, and we’re here to help you every step of the way in Bangkok metropolitan area. Read more about 10 largest cities in Thailand.

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