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If you’re a foreign tenant renting a condominium or a condo owner in Thailand, you may have come across the term TM.30 reporting. The accommodation location of every foreigner staying in Thailand must be reported to the immigration promptly after arrival.

What is TM.30 Reporting?

TM.30 is a reporting requirement under the Immigration Act of Thailand that mandates owners, landlords, or managers of accommodations to report the presence of foreign nationals staying at their premises to the local immigration authorities within 24 hours of their arrival. This requirement applies to both Thai and foreign property owners or managers.

TM.30 reporting serves as a measure to monitor the whereabouts of foreign nationals, and assist immigration authorities in maintaining accurate records of individuals residing in Thailand. By implementing this system, the Thai government aims to safeguard public safety and prevent any potential threats or illegal activities.

TM.30 Reporting for Foreign Tenants:

As a foreign tenant renting a condominium or a house in Thailand, it is important to be aware of TM.30 reporting procedures. While the responsibility to file the report lies with the property owner or manager, Whitebird Estate Agency can help streamline the process for both parties. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Provide Accurate Information: When you move into a rented condominium, ensure that you provide all the necessary details to the property owner or manager, including your passport information, visa details, and arrival date. 

At Whitebird Estate agency, we are well-versed in local regulations and can guide foreign tenants and landlords through the TM.30 reporting process. Our experienced team can facilitate communication between tenants and owners, ensuring the necessary information is submitted accurately and on time.

TM30 Reporting for Condo Owners:

As a condo or other residence owner in Thailand, it is crucial to understand your obligations regarding TM.30 reporting. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in penalties and legal complications. The same rules apply to both Thai and foreign property owners.

As the owner or manager of a condominium, it is your responsibility to report the arrival of foreign tenants to the local immigration authorities within 24 hours. Practically the report can be submitted later, but the check-in date in the report can’t be backdated.

How to use the new TM30 report website?

In September 2023 the Immigration Bureau of Thailand released a long-awaited update to their TM.30 reporting website. The new site is easy to use and has support for both Thai and English languages. The site is located at: https://tm30.immigration.go.th/

The reporting system is intended to be used by owners of condominium units, apartment buildings, houses and so on. The registered owner using the system can be Thai or foreign person or a company. There are three simple steps get started:
  1. Owner registers as user to the portal
  2. Add residencies / rooms to your account once
  3. Add tenants at check-in date


Some previously mandatory information has been removed and the new system is quite simple to use. The current version as of January 2024 does not require entering TM.6 or visa details.
After the submission the owner can download a PDF version of the submission receipt and give it to the tenant. Immigration office in Bangkok doesn’t currently require the paper version of the receipt, but people staying in other provinces may need to print it when renewing their visas.
TM.30 reporting is a crucial aspect of residing in Thailand as a foreigner. Some foreign tenants have had problems getting their landlord to go trough the process. Whitebird Estate Agency can facilitate between the tenant and the owner and making it easier for all parties involved. We have years of experience in Bangkok real estate market. When looking for a condominium in Bangkok contact Whitebird Estate Agency first!


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