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One of the easiest way to send money to Thailand from abroad is to use international money services such as Wise.

Wise is not a bank, but a money service which uses various banks to transfer the money across the world.

There is a small transfer fee which is usually cheaper compared to traditional banks. The exchange rate used is a mid-market rate.

The receiving side must have a normal bank account in a Thai bank. You will need to have the following information to send money from Wise to a Thai bank:

  • Their email
  • Full name of the account holder
  • Bank name
  • Account number
  • Recipient address (country, city, address, post code)

You can save the recipient in your Wise address book for later use.

Currently Wise is the cheapest way to send money to Thailand. See below for an example calculation for sending 1000 GBP to Thailand.

Send money to Thailand
Screenshot from Wise website 22nd March 2024

Use this referral link to register your new Wise account and you will get a fee-free transfer up to 500 EUR: wise.com

To buy a condo in Thailand you will need to obtain a FET certificate. Talk with your real estate agent to check if you should use a big retail bank to send money to Thailand to buy condo, or would it be ok to use a money transfer service such as Wise.

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